Monday, January 31, 2011

looking back...:)

heyah peeps...!!..

how have you been?
i suddenly thought of blogging:), it has been long since i have updated :)

juz cleaned 50% of my room:)
CNY is coming is another 1 or 2 days, WOW!!
yet another year had pass. so so many things learned, some good and as usual some bad.
you cant expect to have a fairytale right?

2010 was yet another uni year for me, but one with so many things and lesson learned.
i would say it really made me a better person. taught me how to "de-code" people, how to deal with situation and how to live life. sometime when you look back, you tend to regret some stuff you did in the past, but at least we taught of it and know how to face it the next time it hit us right:) .

theres this quote somewhere, it said "live life without regrets"
up until now, i am still not agreeing with it. we need regret to teach us to never to the same mistake again. i mean that is from my point of view.

sometimes its really hard to move on, and im so not talking only talking about relationships and stuff. its more than that. to move on from our past as a whole itself. to be brave for once and face it! FACE THE FACT!

A lot of people really would rather hide than to face them, well what is the use. so what if we hide? and even if we could hide forever, it still doesn't change the fact that IT IS STILL THERE!!

well, its 2011!! THE WORLD IS GOING TO END SOON!! LOLOLOLOLOL..!..that was a joke:)
this year, im not taking my chances, its my final year in uni !
which means my yet to be discovered working life is coming! REALLY SOON!
i would not say that im super prepare for it. Just in the mist of preparation..:)


well anyway, the one same thing about me? is that i stick to my part of life that had never changed since i set it years ago. it to go by this quote

well i have shared a small little part of my past and moved on, what about you?
what is your story? :)

PS: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR ..!!!!...HEEE...!!!....muaxx....